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Elevation Lifts

In recent years, removing accessibility barriers for individuals with mobility challenges has become increasingly more essential.

With a Trus-T-Lift™ home lift, porches, verandahs, and upper levels, up to 14ft floor to floor, in homes become accessible for persons in wheelchairs or scooters, or anyone who has trouble walking up and downstairs. RAM is "One of the Most Trusted Brands in Home Lifts.”

Call us today to get more information on installing a lift in your home or commercial property. We can provide indoor or outdoor lifts best suitable for you needs.

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Tribute Medical Supply is an authorized supplier of RAM lift products.

Get Yours for as low as $4,250!

Features and Benefits of RAM Lift Products

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Components of Trus-T-Lift Home Lift


The Trus-T-Lift™ has a number of unique features that provide significant value.

Soft Touch Paddles – many people who have mobility challenges have a hard time with small pushbuttons as well. RAM patented our Soft Touch paddle controls that make it easy to know which lever to activate and low effort as well. Even more, the control system makes sure that you can’t damage the motor by pressing them both at the same time and puts a delay in between pressing one and the other to direction… just another little thing we think about for you!

Simple Design – when you look inside a Trus-T-Lift™ there are very few parts. It might seem easy but to get the design to be simple, robust, and effective is the art of great products. People like Steve jobs understood this and brought the whole world a new perspective about how simple and intuitively takes a great deal of work. We’ve always subscribed to the same type of philosophy at RAM and we hope our efforts can help improve lives.


Geared Belt Drive – not all drive systems are created equal and RAM’s has evolved yet again with the Trus-T-LIft 750 design! We now have a geared belt drive as part of the design and this type of arrangement is what keeps your car engine running so well most of the time. By using a gear belt we also avoid slipping and loss of load-carrying capacity. This is quite common in other belt drives, electric motor designs. We also avoid all hydraulics by staying to a purely electro-mechanical system. Check out the video to get a really good understanding of why this is so good.


All Electrical Components at the Top or On-Board – in some locations water and other debris can cause significant concerns. By putting the motor, all major electrical connections, bearings, and drive components at the top of our lift tower there is a lower chance of damage during severe weather as long as the platform is in the elevated position. This is not the case with hydraulic solutions and many other competitor products.


Limited or No Pit Required – if you are using a porch lift or a lift that does not require an enclosure/ hoistway/ shaft then RAM provides an automatic toe plate ramp that allows for easy entry and exit from your lift. In cases where you need to enclose the lift for safety code reasons RAM has one of the lowest profile platforms available and this will ensure that you don’t have to put in a large approach ramp or deep pit to get access to your lift.

Indoor and Outdoor Design – RAM is based in an area with some pretty extreme weather and we have designed the Trus-T-Lift™ to handle both indoor and outdoor applications.

Machine Roomless (MRL) – all the equipment for the Trus-T-Lift™ is contained. This means you don’t have to find extra space for hydraulics or other items in another part of your home or business. This may not sound like an important thing but in high-density areas or homes that are looking at a lift as part of a renovation this can be critical.


For a more detailed explanation of some of our options please go to our dedicated wheelchair lift options page. If you want to know more about pricing for these options just note what you are interested in when you submit a quote request.

Side Access Manual Crank – want to make the emergency options more easily accessible? Check out how this works and add this option to your Trus-T-Lift™ by talking with one of our customer support specialists or one of our dealer partners.

Custom Colors – RAM colors are standard black and light grey but we can also do custom colors to allow your lift to blend in with your home or building. Just ask us about our custom color options.

Safety Interlocks – RAM can provide safety interlocks to increase the safety of use for your lift. This can be particularly important for taller lifts and when lifts are in either public spaces or with children around.

Multi-Stop – RAM can make Trus-T-Lift™ Home Lift with up to 3 stops if required.

Stainless Steel Hand Rails – some times people like a handrail to hold on to during the elevator travel and RAM can add a stainless steel handrail when requested.

Extended Warranty – RAM can offer extended warranties on parts. Our standard warranty is 1 year on parts but for additional charges, we can offer extended warranties of 1, 2, 3, and 4 years.

Power Back-Up Systems – RAM’s Tower of Power (ToP) product can be easily added to the Stratus and you can see all the details of this robust and reliable system here.

Phone Systems – RAM can offer 2-way communication systems or a phone upon request or as part of code requirements in some commercial projects.

Auto-Door Operators – are you concerned about being able to open and close doors? RAM can provide auto-door operators that are able to open, close and provide adjustable delays for those opening and closing cycles should you feel that is a benefit in your home.

Custom Platform Sizes – in some cases our standard size just won’t fit in the space you have. RAM is one of the few manufacturers that will do custom sizes. We can do the impossible but we will do our best to advise you on what is in your best interests.

Full Height, Flush Mount Doors –  to meet safety codes such as ASME A18.1 and CSA B355 lifts that are required to go in a fully enclosed shaft or hoistway will need a “flush mount door”. This is not always an easy thing to find. RAM makes our own flush mount door that will help make your project easier to complete and it includes a completely integrated safety interlock and lift call button that will allow for easier installation.

Need something else……just ask and maybe we already have something in the works!

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