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Vehicle Lifts

Your power chair or scooter gives you the mobility you want. And Tribute Medical Supply gives you the ability to transport it safely with a vehicle lift. Our convenient, fully-electric lifts can lift and store your mobility device inside, or out-on-back of your vehicle.

Depending on the lift you choose, simply drive your mobility onto the platform, push one button, and the lift places your power chair or scooter automatically to elevated storage, or inside of the cargo space. Or for space-saving and removable lifts, a simple, quick connection to your mobility will allow you to safely lift your chair into your vehicle.


Call Tribute Medical Supply today for a free consultation. We'll help you find the lift that will work best for your vehicle, mobility device, and lifestyle. Call 903-454-0100, or visit our store at 1118 Interstate Hwy 30 in Greenville.

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Tribute Medical Supply is an authorized supplier of Harmar and TriLift vehicle lift products.


Thank You for Your Service

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides funding for wheelchair accessible vans and adaptive equipment for vehicles to qualified veterans. Benefits vary significantly based on whether you are a service-connected veteran or non-service connected veteran. 

Veterans who receive a wheelchair or scooter from the VA may also be approved for a vehicle modification to carry their mobility device; such as a lift to transport their power wheelchair or scooter.

Qualified veterans will receive a letter from the VA along with a list of authorized suppliers in the area.  Simply bring in the letter, a copy of your auto insurance card, and your vehicle and our professional service team will help you determine which lift is best for you and your lifestyle. 

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